Saturday, June 16, 2012

A day in Winchester

I've never before been to Winchester, so I was looking forward to our visit there today.  Ange drove me of course and she and Paul enjoyed it too.  Mind you, Paul doesn't like wheeling around Winchester - too many cobble stones and rough footpaths.

First we visited the Hampshire Regiment Museum.  My grandfather was a volunteer (territorial) in the regiment from 1900-1908, and I think my great grandfather was too, although I can find no record of his service.  We also have a teaspoon at home inscribed Hampshire Regiment  South Africa 1900-02 which suggests my grandfather went to the Boer War, but there is nothing else to suggest he did.  And he was at home in 1901 for the census.

Military school in the 1800s

Here is a detail from the museum.  My father remembers his grandfather having a portrait of himself as a redcoat in his house.  He was a sergeant, and described as such when he entered rifle competitions for the Hampshire Regiment.  Maybe he never went abroad???

After this, we drove to the Hampshire Records Office where both Ange and I wanted to do some research.

I found heaps of Tucker baptisms in Minstead parish in the 1600s and 1700s - seemed as though there were four brothers: William, Thomas, George and John - so I have plenty of puzzles to sort out.

I also looked at the Bramshaw parish records, and that was very disappointing.  The records are on microfiche but the originals were really badly damaged by water, and as well as that, much of the handwriting was appalling.

The day flew by, and at 4.30 we drove around Winchester and stopped at the Cathedral for a photo opportunity.

Street view near the cathedral.
Winchester is a lovely place - I must return some day.  There are more photos on Facebook.

Paul is totally absorbed in the European Cup at the moment, and is VERY excited - England is playing Sweden right now, leading 1-0 - and I've been turfed out of "my bedroom", with my mattress upended so he can watch the match on the big screen.

Paul is a Southampton supporter (soccer of course) and goes to matches whenever they are playing at home.  He's always writing letters to the chairman about access issues, and lack of invitations for disabled members to attend lunch with the chairman!

Tomorrow I'm off to Dorchester by train to meet another distant cousin who helped me with research.

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