Friday, May 18, 2012

Irvine in Orange County with Elizabeth

At the shopping centre with Isabella and Carolina and their mum
Today I had my first experience of Amtrak - no different from our trains really, except that their engines are huge.  It was about 90 minutes from Burbank to Irvine, where Elizabeth picked me up.  Irvine is a very large suburban area.

We picked Isabella up from school at 11.30am - they only do half days in kindergarten - and then went back to their house for a few hours.  I went to sleep for at least two, along with Carolina who is not yet three.  Maybe I'm not quite over my jet lag yet.  I watched the Ellen show and saw us both on it.

Carolina showing her new koala to the fish
Later we went to the big outdoor mall, where I picked up a couple of new tops and earrings. Then we had tea at the Cheesecake Factory, where you can select much more than cheesecake.

It was late by then and Chris, Elizabeth's husband was home from his two hour commute and could look after the girls whilst Elizabeth drove me back to Burbank.  Another great day - a bit quieter than yesterday though.

I had to say goodbye to Elizabeth tonight.  Tomorrow I will be met at the train at Menlo Park by Caroline, who is Elizabeth's first cousin, and more like a sister since Elizabeth has no siblings.  They are both grand-daughters of my second cousin Shirley who lives in Panama City.


  1. Its great that you were able to get out into the real world of Irvine, with real people!
    Josie and I watched the Ellen Show today, probably too early for the Show you were a VIP.

  2. It was on yesterday apparently John. It's the show with those two little girls in pink - Sophia Grace and Rosie.

  3. Hi Margaret! Love watching the updates on your blog and facebook. Cant wait to see you tonight. San Francisco is awaiting your arrival!