Sunday, May 20, 2012

San Francisco with Caroline

What a day - almost too tired to write it up.

Caroline drove me everywhere today - to see the redwood forest (Muir Woods National Park); Golden Gate bridge; Fisherman's wharf and Stanford University, where Kent is at graduate school.

On the way home, we stopped at the Facebook headquarters.  The very day Mark Zuckerberg got married!  Not there I presume.

San Francisco is a foggy place, but fortunately we had beautiful weather - about 70 degrees F.

Stanford University from the Hoover Tower
We had fish and chips for lunch - disappointing, the fish was very strong - Caroline thought it was cod.  And they cook the batter so it was burnt.  Shouldn't complain when one is not at home!  But we also had delicious icecreams later.  And coffee.  They don't know what a flat white is.  Latte yes, but it came out looking like a cappuccino.  Better than Starbucks which I am actually starting to get used to.

I'll leave the photos to tell the story.  There are three albums on Facebook if you happen to be on it.  Don't forget you can comment.  I see lots of people must be looking at the blog, there were 232 (not counting me) views by this pm.

 Rodin statue at Stanford (above)
Stanford Memorial Church - love the murals
(above and left)

Caroline and Margaret at the Golden Gate bridge

The Facebook offices are at Menlo Park near Caroline's place

I'm too tired to write any more - we are off to John Steinbeck country tomorrow morning.  Caroline is excited too.  I have just finished reading Of Mice and Men and am currently reading The Grapes of Wrath.


  1. are such a good blogger! With interesting text, pics and layouts! Have a good sleep-in this morning....

  2. Caroline spent all weekend driving me around, and has to front up to her busy job at 8 am tomorrow (Monday). What a trooper. I instructed her to go to bed early. You know bossy me!

  3. Wow, you will be exhausted by the time you reach UK.
    I thought flying around the world in the Easterly direction would not alter the body clock as much. I hope you adjust soon.
    Love the pics.