Saturday, May 19, 2012

Arrival in Silicon Valley

I didn't take any photos today - started the day in a taxi to Van Nuys, coach to Bakersfield, Amtrak train to Stockton, coach to San Hose and Caltrain (local train) to Menlo Park, arriving at 9.04pm to be picked up by Caroline.  The route was through the "food bowl of America" as the San Jacquin Valley is called.

Apparently it is very good soil and plenty of rain, but it looked sandy and dry to me.  Lots of orchards.  Very flat country but we crossed the ranges before Bakersfield and then back again at San Jose and it was very picturesque. There was a great deal of  haze which my American-Australian friend Julie who hails from LA explained was a mixture of fog and pollution.  It's worse in summer apparently.

None of the transport was wheelchair accessible that I could see.  Quite difficult for an oldie like me carrying the minimal luggage I have, but not easy with a rucksack, a small bag on wheels and my new Ellen carry bag, trying to climb stairs at the same time.  Very disappointing to see.

I was pleased though that I arrived precisely at the time I said I would.  Lots to talk about when I settled in at Caroline and Kent's place.  Caroline is also Shirley's grand-daughter.  She and Kent have recently married, and although I've heard lots and lots about Kent on FB I met him for the first time tonight.

I'm looking forward to exploring San Francisco with them tomorrow.

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  1. Marg, you certainly had a variety of transport on this day's trip! How far out of SFO are they?