Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LA - what a huge city

I thought Sydney was spread out, but Los Angeles seems much bigger.  I'm sure the airport alone covers five kilometres!  The pollution haze (I presume that's what it is) is very heavy.

Nothing to photograph yet, so no pictures.  My hotel, the Best Western Media Center as its name suggests is in the middle of the television studio office area, so just coffee shops and other eateries and nail centres and hair dressers - all very boring, probably dead quiet at night.

The flight was uneventful - I haven't slept since Monday night Sydney time - trying to stay awake for another few hours so I can adjust.  This laptop says it's 8.08am (Sydney time) but my iPad says it's 3.08pm, so I shall try and last another 5 hours.  Food seems a bit cheaper here than Sydney - no penalty rates I suppose.

Tomorrow my cousin Elizabeth  is coming to collect me at 10am (hope I wake up!) and will take me for a drive, then we are going to see the Ellen DeGeneres Show being made.  Elizabeth used to work in the industry, so has contacts.  Am so much looking forward to seeing her.  She and her mother Cheryl were the plotters getting me over to Florida in 2009 to meet Elizabeth's grandmother Shirley for a surprise.  They planned it well.

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  1. Enjoy LA and Ellen's Show, we'll watch out for you on tv!