Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hollywood with Elizabeth

Margaret & Elizabeth at the studios
Great day with my cousin Elizabeth who lives in Orange County south of here.  She used to work at Warner Bros so managed to get us tickets for the Ellen Show.  I'd never seen the show right through, but used to catch bits of it at my dad's nursing home.  I've always liked her though.

Really enjoyed being in the studio audience - even got into the mood, cheering, clapping, dancing (of sorts).  And came away with a $100 gift voucher for JC Penny's, the department store.  Elizabeth advised me to save it for San Francisco, good for clothes etc.  Amazing they can give everyone in the audience such a gift...  We had a tour of the back rooms too, with one of Elizabeth's former colleagues.  Ellen's wardrobe is huge.

Of course we weren't allowed to take cameras in to the show, so no photos of that.

Prior to this, Elizabeth drove me to Hollywood Boulevarde, full of tourists like me - Elizabeth generally stays clear.  Saw many wondrous sights, including people high on drugs, costumed people looking for tips (pleased to oblige for a photo), waxed stars and billboards.  Plus some interesting architecture such as the Chinese Theatre below.

Elizabeth dropped me back to the hotel about 6 pm, but no time for TV - spending the evening updating this blog, and catching up with John via Skype, emails (even volunteer work doesn't stop) and friends on Facebook.

Tomorrow I'm going to Orange County - about an hour and a quarter south - to spend the day with Elizabeth and her two girls, Isabella 6 and Carolina nearly 3.

PS Over my jetlag, I think.  Had a great night's sleep yesterday pm (no I couldn't stay awake) and overnight till daylight here.

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  1. Hey Marg! you forgot to say that you skyped 2 Johns last night! What about me.....