Monday, May 28, 2012

Chichester and Arundel in Sussex

The photo at the left was in one of my grandmother's photo albums, and I wondered who it was.  My dad said it was his first cousin Leslie Tucker who lived in London.  The photo was taken at Chichester in 1935 when he was about 23.  Their parents corresponded occasionally.  The next record I found was a newsclipping of his wedding in 1943, when he was a fireman in London.

It was through the newsclipping and the details of his wife that I finally discovered the existance of his daughter Linda.  After many months of searching, I found her living in Sussex with her husband Peter. Her father had died in 1966 in a firestation accident.

John and I met Linda and Peter in 2008, just before we set off on our motor home adventure, and we've been friends ever since.  I stayed with her in 2009, and once again I am doing so.  They were in Horsham but have now retired to Angmering near Worthing, a seaside town.

It's always a pleasure meeting up with Linda and Peter.  With the weather so beautiful this weekend, many Londoners have decided to spend time at the seaside, filling up the trains and blocking the roads.  I had given them a copy of this photo before meeting them, and they thought it would be nice to have a photo of Linda and myself standing on the same spot.  So here it is.

This is what the market house looks like:

Chichester is a lovely place, with a wonderful cathedral, built before the Norman invasion.  Here are a few photos:

The photo at right shows the Palace gardens which are adjacent to the cathedral.

After a late pasta lunch at Ask, an Italian restaurant at Chichester, we moved on to Arundel, a small town with a magnificent castle between Chichester and Worthing.

This photo was taken in a small hamlet with a popular pub, the Black Rabbit, just down the road from Arundel.

Here we are enjoying a beer.
A pleasant ending to a very enjoyable day out.

Tomorrow I'm off to Southampton.


  1. Fantastic! I'm envious. You will have to come home for a rest. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your travels. Yes.... Marble Arch is sooooo central. Thats where we stay.

  2. Margaret, I love the concept of you taking the photo of Linda in the same spot as her fathers photo!